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ON BEING 80 8-16

It's time to rewrite the rules

It was only two years ago that youth left me.
Hate me or not, middle age didn't happen to me; a privilege undeserved, or unobserved.
In August of this year, I will be 80.
It is time to cross the Rubicon and come to terms with...


I can’t walk and he can’t talk.

I have CMT; he is deaf and has, well, seven other disabilities, according to his pediatrician. No matter. I wouldn’t be writing this story if he were here with me today. It’s Sunday and I miss him terribly.


In My Next Life . . . 11-11
What would you be?

I am all the things I loved in this lifetime.  Of course, I am a girl.

Seduction will be easy.  We have everything on our side; even gay men adore our power.  My dress... but that comes later.

I will be middle-class, yet educated, to higher hopes. ...

Get Rid Of It... Leaf Blowers 11-11

CBS Sunday Morning TV - Nov 6, 2011
Julie Newmar

Every living creature in the range of a leaf blower is harmfully impacted.
It’s dumb-headed technology – it’s torture by technology.

Dali and me 1-21
We were having tea, Dali and I, at Rumpelmayers ice cream emporium on 59th street facing the park with its elegant tea tables, silver pastry trays. The trendy spot for debutants and over educated children. Yes, Salvador Dali the Spanish Surrealist painter, I and another decorative young adventurer-artist of indefinite sexual identity.

Dali liked an audience, of beauty and danger, preferably the adoration kind. It gave him a kind of buoyancy that self-acknowledged talent knows it deserves.

His distinctive moustache, dress, speech, and black cane animated the corner we were sitting in. Although...

I donít have a doctor. I donít need one. I am magnificently healthy. Then . . . 8 days into Los Angeles Covid-19 shutdown, I got a pinched nerve in my back (Piriformis Syndrome). By nightfall I was in delirium. Call . . . who? The House Doctor. $675. Plus. Cash first. I had no choice.

The pain was so intense, I felt like that civil war soldier having his leg cut off without any anesthesia.

The money is transferred. Finally, a doctor arrives with a shot of Taradol. Male? Female? I don’t know. Tramadol is prescribed, a level 4 pain killer, I...

We vote for our own best interests and we should. The way I see it is - if the people around me were safer, less stressed, less threatened with loses and illnesses; if they could sleep better, not burdened with unpayable loans - theyíd be kinder and definitely happier. Then, that would actually be better for me too.

I don’t give advice because I recognize that everyone has a valuable point of view. We all matter.
I am just one tree in the forest, wanting to belong. At heart, I am a conservative which is why I think progressively (maybe eliminating unnecessary steps). In order to go to Mars, you don’t...

HE IS THE ONE (original version) 6-19
We do have a leader to guide us out of this morass, this backwash of deceptions that was the 2016 election. This embarrassment to Americans -- such that one of my friends, when going abroad had to say: ďNoÖIím Canadian.Ē

Yes, there is someone with a voice so clear and calm who sees the big picture, the magnanimity that is America, who has a monumental intelligence, a view of the world possibly comparable to Churchill. He might do better than John Kennedy (though would JFK survive today with all his sexual dalliances?)....

REVOLUTION - needed 5-19
If ever there was an uglier spectacle, the Met Gala 2019 tops the list. An unwatchable, embarrassing parody, parading second list celebrities with their toadies, while being urgently fawned over by reluctant photographers in this hapless exposure of empty self-importance. [Chrissy Teigen Ė ďI donít know why Iím hereĒ]

I was once described as - built like a brick shithouse. Lo and behold, it may have been true. However before anyone takes offense about something that happened 35, 60 years ago, be it my body or another's blackface, let's look at the history, usage and meaning behind this comment.
A Love Letter 12-18
from Ron Smith

Ronald L. Smith is the author of  19 books. He's edited several national magazines, and his fiction, non-fiction, poetry and photographs have been published around the world. He is an ASCAP songwriter.    http://www.ronaldlsmith.com/...

-- 10 TIPS TO A SUPERIOR LIFE IN YOUR 80's -- 5-18

DELEGATE - You don't need to do all that stuff you've been doing. Become the boss you've always wanted.

NO FLASH - NO PICTURE (or need for photoshop) - digital cameras make a Grand Canyon out of your lovely face.

EAT LIGHTLY - I'm thinking...

AMERICA - Not a Place For Women and Children 3-18
We must choose between the NRA-created mayhem or our kids.

Kids like survivor Emma Gonzales who is most capable of leading us out of the obtuseness perpetrated by a class of fossilized, bazookas-for-brains nincompoops hiding behind 19th century laws which were about muskets not AR-15s.

It started with a cough. The middle of the night, eyeball busting, hour long, get me to the ER room pronto coughing! Well, actually, no, it happened one half hour after I was egregiously turned down, for the third time, by the local city attorney after endeavoring to defend my hard-working tenants against a corporate invader on their street. This invader was using predatory, greedily motivated, guerilla tactics that choked off every other business on the block. I am a defender of small business. I lost, for the time being.

What followed, this half hour later, was a dive to the dumps that I never want to know again.

I couldn’t walk, I gradually lost my appetite, my drive, my strength along with the work habits that keep me humming, providing the admiration I have for myself. It was even exhausting...

Itíll never happen. They will never change. Men are just like that! Really! Is this really an awakening? Isnít masculine nature just . . . the way it is?

Was Harvey Weinstein the hole-in-the-dike that led to our freedom? As an androphilic (lover of men), even I, Julie, am bowled over by this change.

It was the power of the press, penetrating through formidable resistance, which successfully released this awesome showdown. Maybe...

Consider yourself lucky if you are a female, you plausibly have female power. If you havenít developed it, Iíll give you a push. Here we go.

To my notice, we females effort less. “It’s Instinct,” you may say. Yes, knowing the right moment to ask, to get what you want. We make time useful, not waste time.

Women solve dilemmas more quickly than men. We don’t overthink. We feel...

83 GOING ON 84 - What it's like 3-17
The SECRET to a long life is D E S I R E. Desire to have, to do, make, create anew. So, nurture it, allow it, learn to have more - d e s i r e.

My biggest SECRET FOR PERSONAL SUCCESS - Never put anyone down. Never attack, diminish or criticize another. If they come at you with a low blow, come back by noticing something admirable about them, to raise their sense of security. Security is the key. That way, both of you will get more of what you...

Conscious Catwoman Cover


Who was your first crush?
How old were you  ...  two, four, six?
What did he look like?
What was she doing exactly

that stopped you dead in your tracks?
That secretly affirmed your romantic future, your love life,
the person you married?

Sit down, write a good story,
re-inspire yourself.

Be part of an exciting book series
I'm putting together

Get to the keyboard and email me



(I love it but, preferably use someone other than the Catwoman as your object of desire)     
Check out
sample story


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  7. The Power of Age
  8. The Healing
  9. Letter to a Teenager

even though you think you're not one


    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, what do you do? Poke someone in the eye before you're introduced? No, maximize...

Julie Promises you a Rose Garden 5-09
Read Julie's preface to her forthcoming photo book, "Roses in Julie Newmar's Garden"

It all started when my father built a playhouse. He put in a series of tiered pools, one flowing into another, below our hillside house. He hardscaped a terrace and built descending steps to the playhouse out of salvaged concrete.  There were other fine pleasures,...

Dialogue with Daddy 9-13
A Page From Julie Newmarís Hoffman Institute Journal - 2006