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Friday, Sep 20, 2019 Last update: 06-26-19
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The silliness of it all.  I turn on the TV or cable - Yup! Nothing to watch. I long ago gave up on ABC's Good Morning America, with George Stephanopoulos wasting his time on entertainment trash talk.  I lower the volume of the female screech team on NBC's Today Show since the classy Ann Curry left.  She wasn't fired, NBC's news team downgraded themselves.
There's always David Gregory pummeling, stampeding his way over smarter minds than his.  I'm a news junkie, I want the latest and newest high jinks of the world.
As long as I have Amy Goodman to prick any flatulent government talking head and unstupify Murdoch's seduction of the multitudes.

But blimey folks…
what grabs me, just plain astonishes me, creeps me out -
is the every present news hawking theme "Let's Kill the Enemy."
Let's get all our forces (pay later of course), our beloved principles, and have it smartly caroled by right wing demagogues, for a war on our enemies.
What enemy?
We bash our brains out on the gridiron.
Come home from wars... bleedin' ADHD.
Let the NRA lie about not needing gun protection laws for us normals.
Yell and scream about A-rabs.
Suck the retirement funds away from our elders.
Decimate quality education for our children.
Meanwhile a gadzillion dollars pours down the drain on NSA surprises and follies.
Over what?  Building outposts in Afghanistan against Al-Qaeda, an enemy so primitive it can't even educate girls?

Are we nuts?
I shake my head and watch as we fritter away our once decent American life.
No wonder we have a 'do-nothing' Congress with Marco Rubio, the new Joe McCarthy.
Please send no more politicians to war areas.
Send them to Denmark, where small is a whole lot smarter than big, overweight, greed-gouging solipsism.
What's our favorite image of ourselves?
Oh yes - U.S. "exceptionalism."

Incredulous! Simpleminded!
Look ahead, everybody. It's not that baffling.
If I've learned anything from an almost completed lifetime on Earth,
it is that I don't need to be the richest person on the block, or the smartest person in the room or the mostest, anything.
I am a full and complete combination of many things valued by others, just as others have gifts I don't have but can enjoy.
Talent, like money, should be spread around, not hoarded in stagnant piles, places or prisons.

IF... all the world were one body.
Its parts would not, like Wall Street, be engorged;
nor would its stomach or breasts, penis, heart or thyroid be so super-sized that the rest could not function, thus burdening the whole.
Let each part and each individual be knowing and necessary to the whole.

Imagine... if you will,
a certain blessed man - your enemy - and you, many years after a war, going back to his country... Vietnam… to find his surviving kin, for the purpose of refilling that empty hollow, that grave in your heart, and so completing the task.
Then, as you sit silently together, you know that what we all wanted was -
the same thing?

We are one
and, indeed, quite alright.

So I ask you, what enemy
are you defeating?
Who will you let enlist you?
... To what end?

Turn off the dial, filter out - stupid.
Listen, this new way.
Change a future, yours.
And by all means
Know... who you are.