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Tuesday, Mar 05, 2024 Last update: 07-12-21
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Dark Knight - Film 10-12
Putting words in my mouth

Nobody cares whether I or anyone else likes something or not – it’s the controversy that makes news.


News/entertainment today is mostly noise, ear splitting noise and gratuitous violence from the aberrant, vampire neo-con minds.  It slows growth, except in things we don’t want:  Aurora, Colorado and our lame gun laws.

Rob A. sent me this email.

Well, my son and I went to the new Batman movie on Saturday. It was cleverly written, almost epic in production value, and the performances were top drawer. However, I felt like I was getting my teeth pulled through most of the film. I remember thinking that this is 2 1/2 hours of unpleasantness, with a precious few rays of inspiration for the human spirit....

Another email from Phoenix said:

I thank the heavens that you came to us in a time where talent was based on the individual; the accomplishments of personal abilities and talent, not masked behind special effects, computer generated smoke and synthesized mirrors.
When we see you, we see....you. 

Another misquote:  that I might have “a favorite Catwoman beside myself”.

Holy catatonia!  Every girl is a Catwoman.  Like Bizet’s Carmen there will always be Catwoman.  Catwoman  is forever.
An email from Sharon:

I remember one day, while in high school, a boyfriend of a friend of mine told me I looked just like catwoman (You).  I remember being so thrilled- that was the best compliment I ever had.  It raised my self-esteem tremendously, and whenever I wasn't feeling good about myself, I always thought of that compliment.

As for men, every male over the age of four wants to submit to her wiles.

In my next book “First Fantasy” an English professor from Canada confessed to me, among other things: “...that he had to lie down for awhile”.

And here’s what made my day, an email from Paul:

Born in '58 I obviously grew up with you & Batman. But until I saw your recent interview with the Yo Show, I hadn't realized just how much natural beauty you have. I want to use the word "sexy" but after watching your interview I walk away with the sense you are one very classy lady. So I apologize for the "sexy" word. But to be frank, I remember back in the 60's and right up until today, I thought "no one is that sexy. It's a put-on for the show." Until I saw your interview today. Your mannerisms are adorable, your femininity is mesmerizing. Again, I use to think it was just acting but you're the real deal. Your softspoken playfulness and natural beauty combine with your intrigue and if I may say, "hot way about you" combine in my opinion to make one of the finest examples of womanhood America has ever offered. Thanks for reading this and for your life's work.

Sometimes, it’s all worth it.

Julie Newmar